Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Price: $200 per person

Date: Notify me when the next seminar is scheduled.

Key Topics

  1. General overview
    • What are the main components of an online marketing campaign?
    • Who are the target audiences?
    • When should you use each tool?
    • How much time is this going to take?
    • Where should you start?
  2. Traditional Website
    • Modern design
    • Usability
    • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    • Tools
  3. Blogs
    • How do they work
    • When to blog
    • What to blog
    • Tools
  4. Social Networks
    • What is all the fuss about?
    • Is Facebook appropriate for business?
    • Why is Twitter becoming more important?
    • What about LinkedIn?
    • Tools
  5. Email Marketing
    • Privacy and Spam Rules
    • List Management Practices
    • Designs that deliver
    • The importance of the subject line
    • Tools
  6. Measuring Success
    • Defining Goals
    • Tracking Results
    • Tools
Public Seminars

OK, you have heard of Facebook and Twitter and somthing called Web 2.0, but how can they help your business?

Are you already sold on Internet Marketing but are not sure how to get started?

In these 3 hour small group sessions our friendly Internet Marketing Coach will help you feel comfortable with the concepts and terminology and give you the answers you need to make an informed decision about how to promote your business.

Private Coaching

Would you like to host an in-house private training seminar for your employees or business association?

Would you like to have an in-depth one-on-one coaching session that is all about your business?

Our Internet Marketing Coach is available to work with you or your team on your schedule.

Please fill-out this contact request form and let us show you which techniques to use that best suit your business.